ESP32 - Tasmota - DHT11 - Mycodo

Hey everyone,
I got my esp32 to run Tasmota and receive input from a DHT11 on pin 4.

Got another one ESP32 with a DHT11. Having fun comparing them against each other.

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So, Can the ESP do anything else natively? It has a bunch of other pins. I’m assuming LED, Buzzer? Maybe I’ll look on the forums what others are doing. Could CO2 Sensor hook up to this?

The ESP/Tasmota combo can do a lot of things, especially for horticulture.
I use 14 ESP/Tasmota devices in conjunction with Mycodo, all communicating via MQTT.
Most recently a 0-10v LED dimmer using the 8266s PWM functions with a PWM to 0-10v module.
Works great!
Keep it up!

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