evolutionary beehive

First of all, I want to thank you very much, the creator of this wonderful platform. He thanked everyone involved in this process for developing this platform.

I made a beehive. My main idea is to put this platform to keep track of temperature and humidity. But I want more than this. I want to track cell weight.
I games integrated a Tracer gps to locate. In this where there will be a flight
I searched and found the module (GY-GPS6MV2).
And I also found the module (AD HX711) to calculate the weight.
(Attached you will find the photos).
Please I need help. To develop the bee box, and make it smart.
Note that there is nothing in the settings for this development.


For this type of application, I’d suggest a microcontroller that can go into a low-power sleep mode to conserve battery power. Since Mycodo runs on Linux, a single board computer is the minimal hardware requirement, which has a significantly larger power draw than a microcontroller. If you have good power source, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

As for the sensors, there are many arduino and Python libraries available for a number of popular temperature, humidity, and load cells. Mycodo has built-in support for many temperature and humidity sensors but no load cells/sensors. Without knowing more about your power capabilities and other design constraints, it’s difficult to write much more.