EZO PMP commands not recognized

I added 3 new ezo pmp pumps to my garden, one at a time. Changing their addresses to 60, 61, 62, and then verified using i2cdetect.

I then changed the addy of each pump to the new one in the Options section of the EZO PMP Output configuration view and saved.

I can see the commands are going to the right pump but it flashes red twice after the command is received indicating that the command was not understood. I turn the debugging logging on and the commands look fine?

Any ideas on why the pumps are having trouble with the available dispensing commands from the Output configuration view? Even the dispensing command to do calibration flashes red. Clearing the calibration doesn’t seem to flash red…?

I may have found my own problem, again :slight_smile:

I had to run a Atlas cable extension to the back of the cart that my garden is on and then put all three pumps on to the I2C bus. I am now running commands from the Pi command line and getting the same results as Mycodo.

When I run the status command from the terminal, it returns “Success PMP 97: ?STATUS,P,2.26” which indicates that there is only 2.26 volts after my cable extension…

I shouldn’t expect the pumps to work. I need to fix power issue first…

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Yep, that solved it. Everything is now running just fine in Mycodo!

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