Feature Request - For Energy Report

Hello, The energy reports are very nice. correct me if i am wrong. The calculations are all done at 120v so all my 12 volt devices kwh calculations are off? A voltage user input on the inputs and output setup would be great. maybe default to 120v. I am still pretty early in my python learning or i would attempt it.

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Currently, you can change the voltage on the configuration page, however this would apply to all outputs. So if you had outputs controlling different voltages, this would not work unless you calculated what the amperage would be at the voltage you set in the configuration. Looking back on how I designed this, it’s not the best system, but it worked for my application (I usually am switching the same voltage, 120VAC, which often controls lower voltages via AC-DC converters).

Moving forward, I would like to be able to refractor the energy usage system to reference a voltage that can be set from each output’s configuration (which may even include the ability to select an input that’s measuring the voltage of an output, e.g. since we know mains AC and other voltages can fluctuate).

That would be awesome for the future. I could use amp value when setting up inputs that use external power not just outputs. It sounds pretty involved to change.

Don’t get overwhelmed with my ideas and trying to accomplish them. I like to bring up ideas to try and help development. Until I can start contributing in code.

In Timers (duration) (start-offset) user input is an integer could it be changed to a float?

No rush.

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I do have a lot on my plate, and being the main developer, it sometimes takes a while for features to be implemented. But, I do constantly improve Mycodo… Just watch out for this feature to spring up one day.

Could you provide a use case for this? I can’t really understand why an integer would be insufficient, but welcome to be shown the way.

using a series of solenoids one turning on, triggering the others wanting to have a 0.1 delay between them and they trigger other relays in the trigger(actions) as well.

What would be even better for me would be a start-offset on as many trigger(actions) as possible.

I could use a conditional controller instead of a trigger(output)

After looking into it more the trigger actions vary in time executed by 0.1 the trigger on output is turned on so i can accomplish it by just reorganizing the order

I can’t quite understand what you’re describing. Can you lay it out in a sequence of events so I can understand and maybe provide a recommendation to how to accomplish it? For example:

  1. Trigger X executes Action Y…
  2. Action Y does this…
  3. etc.

Currently, changing the database schema from integer to float and all the associated references would be a lot of work .I think what you’re trying to accomplish can be done more efficiently without a 0.1 sec Start Offset.