Fire hydroponics kit

I found the fire hydroponics kit. It looks like it has i2C for the arduino/raspberry pi connection. Any chance this might not work?

Here is the link to the kit. Do you think I will have to write custom code? They claim their PH sensor will last at least a year.

They provide Python libraries (e.g. EC library), so it should be fairly easy to create input modules.

I am working on this now by the way. I could use some help.

I recently picked up a hydroponics sensor kit from uFire. It includes a couple sensors that Mycodo supports. However I have to make my own input file for the EC and PH sensors. My problem is that I don’t quite understand the structure. I get that I am supposed to declare the buttons and UI stuff in the JSON and have it trigger functions in the code.

I guess I need help understanding the flow of a measurement. What functions must I declare that will cause a measurement to take place.

I also have a problem with understanding how to test my code as well. I have an IDE that will SSH into a Raspberry PI and transfer files before issuing commands. But I don’t know where the code begins. It’s very modular which is probably a good thing.

Hi Matthew. Have you checked out the Building a Custom Input Module on the wiki? That goes over the major parts of building a custom Input module. If you’ve read it and still would like assistance, I’ll help, but that’s a must read before diving into this topic.