Firefox blocking access: Secure Connection Failed

When I try to open the web interface on the Firefox (Wibdows 10 machine), I am blocked and I can’t add it to trusted sites nor proceed accepting the risk or anything!

On Chrome, I receive an alert, but I can accept the risk and proceed.

How to fix https certificate issues? (the manual is outdated and doesn’t work)


My Firefox on win 10 allows me to proceed to sites with self-signed certificates. This is different for every browser, and they change the behavior often, so I’m probably going to remove any specific instructions that may exist in the manual and replace it with a general statement that you should refer to your specific browser’s docs to determine how to allow self-signed certificates.

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You could also just disable Force SSL and access the GUI via HTTP instead of HTTPS. If it’s only accessible on a home network, this is fairly safe to do.