Fridge duty cycle

Hey everyone !

Thanks for this awesome software (Mycodo).

I’ve got a question about PID setup for a fridge. I checked the FAQ and I’ve seen that I’ll be able to add a Min Off Duration value to protect the motor of my fridge against rapid power cycling.

Want to know if someone here use Mycodo in this way and what could be the default value to add on this parameter ? I checked on the web and ppl said that the compressor should be power off between 15 and 30 minutes before power on again. Is it correct ?

Thanks for helping, it will be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi Kroub. I would not recommend using a PID controller to operate a fridge unless you are very familiar with PID tuning. The Bang-Bang Function is more user-friendly and compatible with refrigeration control out of the box.

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Hey Kyle, many thks for your quick reply, I’ll focus on the bang-bang function. :+1:

Regard, Kroub.

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