Function Series Jumbles Up The Steps

Iv created a 40 step function involving mostly Output ON/OFF, Pause steps, and MQTT commands in integer format.

Iv created the function in my desktop browser and activate it from a mobile device browser.

When activated from the mobile device it does not run the function steps in the correct order.

When I select the edit button on the mobile device the function shows missing and misplaced steps in the second half of the series.

Steps will be missing entirely and others will be in the wrong order, but only the second half of the series, all the early steps are in the correct order and execute correctly.

When I return to my desktop browser and select edit all the steps show up in the correct order with none missing.

Why would the they show up differently like this and execute incorrectly? Any idea as to the cause?

Cheers :beers:


That’s very strange. Can you provide screenshots? The real perplexing part is the execution order, because this is handled by the daemon and the frontend doesn’t even have the capacity to influence this, i.e. the browser doesn’t matter when inducing a set of actions to execute.

It seems that if I delete steps in the middle of the series the values of the steps after the deleted step are shifted in the direction of the deleted step. Im not sure if Im explaining what Im experiencing as well as I could.

In short I think the issue is occurring because I delete steps in the middle of the series and it messes with the steps after.

I will remake the function in a cleaner manner without unnecessary deletes and see if that solves the problem.

To be continued… :wink:

I don’t understand what you’re describing, but screenshots will help.