Grouping of measurements


I‘m new to the forum and first I have to say thanks for sharing mycodo!

I‘m implementing a feature into my mycodo setup which I was missing and wanted to share my idea, maybe someone thinks this is useful, throw in some ideas etc…

I am running two small grow tents with one mycodo setup (sensors for temp, humidity, water, relays, lights etc). I had microgreens in both tents and was trying to analyze and compare the progress under different conditions. For another run I changed some sensors from one tent to another. Of course I lost track on my changes because I didnt want to write it down anywhere else. The ‚Notes‘-Functionality was a good start but not sufficient.

So I had to the idea of ‚Batches‘ as a tuple for grouping data between a start and end date. I started this as an additional feauture so I would not break the existing notes.

Right now my batch model consists of:

  • Name
  • Description
  • start date/time
  • end date/time
  • active state
  • list of measurements
  • list of tags (yes the note tags)

The goal is to simplify analysis by just querying the data of „batch A“ and „batch B“ and then do a comparison.

Anyone interested? Please change my mind :wink: