Home Assistant Green - Support?

Home Assistant Green - Home Assistant - Hey was ordering one of these HA greens and got curious if there was any sort of HA integration. I have not played with HA in a long time but did a little digging and hadn’t seen anything. I think they use apps or plugins or some sort of deal. Even if I could run Mycodo on the hardware and then just access it via webpage that be neat. I don’t know if docker containers or some other voodoo magic would be needed. Guess I’m curious if it works and if people have done it though. Be nice to combine devices if the hardware can handle it. I think its running debian but i’m not 100% on that.

Why would you want to integrate HA into Mycodo when Mycodo can already pretty much do more than HA, and do it without needing to know 3 different coding languages? HA still has a loooooong way to go before it is anywhere close to being practical and user-friendly.
As far as the HA-Green SBC… the price isn’t bad, but there is no GPIO, so you are pretty limited in the I/O department. Better off buying a Pi 5 for $20 less.

I’m gonna be playing with it and I’ve got a raspberry pi running Mycodo now. So I was thinking of decommission my pi and while I’m playing with HA I can run Mycodo too. Thought maybe there were integrations not that I can see any real need. Just thought maybe. Then that Raspberry Pi might be a back up or get used for something else down the road.