How to calibrate temperature and humidity

Just been testing out your system.
At the moment I am playing about with dht22 Sensor, How do I calibrate temperature and humidity.
Can anybody recommend me a Temperature and humidity sensor I can calibrate

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Temperature and humidity sensors don’t typically permit calibration. Even in software, there are few temperature/humidity sensors that allow setting an offset. Even within software offsets, you won’t yet find this in the manual because those options (for the very limited number of sensors) are in the yet-to-be released version of Mycodo.

What you can do is add an Equation Function, select the input measurement you want to apply an offset, and create an equation, e.g. “x + 2”, if you wanted to apply an offset of +2. If you really need an offset in the Input, you can modify it to include an Offset option or just hard-code the offset when the measurement is stored in the database. All Inputs are located here if you wanted to explore the input module files.

hey. i was just wondering about the same thing.

the ds18b20 does have an offset input. but the dfrobot pt100 and the atlas pt1000 doesn’t.
but since they are 1°C different, i think these sensors deeply needs a way to be “calibrated” (offset).

isn’t it possible to run this on conversion directly in mycodo? without the need of a library support for this?
i wouldn’t care if the library shows the wrong values (eg CLI), if mycodo got them right.