How to change units of measure in an input

Very new to Mycodo, possibly dumb question.
I’m reading Ph and Ec probes from a ADS115. How do I set the Unit of measurement of the dashboard to Ion concentration as in this pic?

I was already able to set is min / mas measurement to 14 from the input menu, but I’m lost.


I’m not following… The unit in the photo is ion concentration, that’s the unit of that measurement.

The pic is correct because I found it here in the forum, tryying to look for a solution.
Mine is like this :rofl:

So you’re using the ADC ADS1115 input rather than the EC/pH ADS1115 input?

If I used those it would have changed the unit by itself?

Yes, among other things, that’s what the input is for.

Yes. I’m checking the parameters and it’s super well detailed.
Thanks for the prompt feedback

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