How to check whether the custom scripts are present in Mycodo

Hey there,

I try to tweak some of the already existing input scripts for my project but I feel like the web interface does not get updated as soon as I change some in the input script. For instance, I add a dependency, then use it in the InputModule object, and so on … Is there any way to properly update them or are any certain steps needed to be followed each time?

Thanks in advance!

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Inputs are run from the daemon/backend. The frontend is only used to change Input settings and instruct them to activate/deactivate. For code changes to take effect, you will need to restart the daemon (Config → Restart Backend).

Hi @KyleGabriel, I couldn’t see the dependencies, that I added extra to the one of the already existed input, seems to be not installed even though I try to restart the backend, delete the old input and re-create a new one. Because, in the beginning, Mycodo had installed the dependencies when I first tried to add this input. But, once I added a new dependency which did not exist in my pip list, I didn’t get the same process by the frontend. How can I track what is going on in backend side while I try to create the input?