How to Create a Function from a Conditional (Mycodo Video Tutorial)

I just created a tutorial video demonstrating how I created a standalone Function from a Conditional that was developed to regulate pH and electrical conductivity in a hydroponic system from my Automated Hydroponic System Build Project.

This video won’t be for everyone. It’s a partly off-the-cuff recording that has minimal editing, so it is rather long (40+ minutes). In future tutorial videos, I’d like to aim for a ~10 minute run time.

Mycodo Tutorial 1: Creating a Function from a Conditional

The committed shortly after making this (with some changes/improvements) can be found here:


As with any software, this tutorial may or may not be applicable to developing for Mycodo at any time in the future from this video. If code is referenced, it will be for the version near the creation time of the video, to make following along in the video easier. Always check if there are newer versions available of code, tutorials, or other material referenced in the video.

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That is great, thank you!

Kyle, a while back you mentioned you’re working on l298n dispensing unit, is this still ongoing or it’s on hold for the time being?

Thanks for your work!

It’s in the works. No ETA on the release.