How to install 2x 12V DC DIY Dosing Pump Peristaltic Dosing Heads?

I decided to use cheaper peristaltic pump dosing heads that can be found:

However, this pump does not have a built-in I2C functionality, I think. Thus, how can I properly wire these peristaltic pumps on amazon so they properly connect to the Rasberry Pi and communicate I2C as I believe the ones in the Automated Hydroponic System do? Do I need to purchase some kind of circuitboard to make this possible? I hope to hear back from you soon!

You have to get Grove I2C motor driver listed and supported in Mycodo Input section. This driver is I2C enabled which will do everything for you. I am using one of them and it is working fine

If using cheaper peristaltic pumps “aka 12v peristaltic pumps” a Relay Module and a 12v adapter to power the pumps is needed. Then use GPIO pins instead of I2c. The wiring, here is a link with the best examples. “Not a sponsored video, just one I found” How to control 12V devices with Arduino. Using Relay vs Using MOSFET transistor - YouTube


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