How to wire Rasberry Pi to Monoprice Surface Mount Box Cat5e?

I am curious how to wire the Rasberry Pi to the Surface Mount Box (in white). Afterall, there is an an Ethernet end where we can connect the powerbox to the mount using an ethernet cable and there is an end characterized by a hole that should connect to the Rasberry Pi. However, I am not sure where each wire connects to inside the mount box? I hope to hear back from you soon!

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Have you read the Power Control Box section of the build article I wrote?

Yes, but I am still unsure which wire goes where because the only thing that was stated was: “Connect an Ethernet cable from the external RJ45 port of the control box to the RJ45 surface mount jack of the control panel.” However, this does not specify how the Rasberry Pi itself can connect to the mount jack.

You first decide your GPIO pins eg. which GPIO (relay) will operate exhaust, which will operate Humidifier (if you are using), which will operate Grow lights etc. Once you decide that connect those GPIO to the terminals in the box as per your choice but note down which GPIO is connected to which terminal in box. Then you just have to repeat this procedure in exactly opposite manner in control box. Eg. suppose you have programmed GPIO20 to operate relay for exhaust fan and GPIO20 is connected to terminal 7 in Monoprice box… then this no 7 cable (terminal) on control box must go to the relay control pin which you have already decided to operate exhaust fan. I hope this helps.