How to wire Whitebox T1 to Raspberry Pi for Mycodo

Hi all,

I am 100% new to electronics but have been slowly working on building the Kyle Gabriel automated hydroponics systems, per his website. I’ve purchased nearly everything from the entire parts list and am well underway of wiring it all up.

Here the catch, I found a great deal on some of the atlas scientific probes & pumps and purchased it. The deal came with a new Whitebox T1 MkII and attaching the probes & circuits to shield could not have been any easier. I have the Whitebox attached to an Arduino Uno, but I have no idea how to connect the whitebox to the raspberry pi in order to run Mycodo.

I’ve been reading electronics & arduino books in my spare time, and have tried numerous searches online for any info I can find. I haven’t found much that helps at all.

Does anyone know of a resource they could point me to, or is there anyone specifically that could help me figure out how to wire the whitebox to the raspberry pi so that I can get Mycodo up and running? I would think it should be fairly straight forward, but I also realize I may have to write a sketch for the Arduino to pass along the right data.

All my probes, pumps, and circuits are Atlas Scientific. The same ones listed on Kyle’s parts list. The only thing I don’t have is the isolated & non-isolated boards, because those are embedded on the whitebox.

Thank you ahead of time for any help!

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Hi Boozy,

You simply need to disconnect the Arduino and connect the power, ground, and I2C pins (SDA and SCL) from the board to the Raspberry Pi and all the sensors will be available to Mycodo you installed on the Pi.

Well that’s crazy easy. Thank you, Kyle!

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