Hub for DS18B20 Sensors or other 1-wire devices

Link to 3D print files

Hello everyone. This is a little switch/hub I made for connecting several sensors to a central location, any sensor that you can wire into a 3.5mm audio jack. I am using it for 1-wire temperature sensors. It also has a place inside for the little pull up resistor board that sometimes comes with these sensors. Maybe it is a little niche for my own setup (especially that the line-in also comes from externally via a 3.5mm), but I thought some people here might like concept at least, and I posted the STEP and F3D files if you want to modify it for yourself


That looks great! Thanks for sharing. That’s a very well-designed model. I like that you provided two different tops. I presume you did because some printers can’t print those inlay pieces with high enough precision to fit properly in the lid, and to merely provide an option for those who want a basic or more water-resistant top. Did you have any issue fitting the inlay pieces into your lid?

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Thanks Kyle. The inlay pieces are printed in sync with the rest using a Prusa MMU2S. And yeah the plain top is just if anyone wants to start with that to either modify or print as is.

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