Humidifier- Compatibility Question

Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier -
Looks like its $70 on amazon right now.

Was hoping for a humidifier with MQTT integration, or similar method, and want an excuse to hack a humidifier as well. This GitHub looks like they found a model that works with Home Assistant. Do we have any hacked humidifiers similar to the link above but already work with Mycodo?
GitHub - Hypfer/esp8266-deerma-humidifier: Cloud-free wifi humidification

Don’t bother… Those consumer-end models simply don’t have a high enough vapor output to maintain the high humidity you will need for mushrooms or hydroponics (unless it is a VERY small volume of space you are humidifying). Most of these models don’t hold more than a gallon, which means you will be re-filling your humidifier about twice a day… which kind of defeats the purpose of automating it, right? Also, most of these consumer-end models have “soft switches” which means they are not automation-compatible (at least not without a lot of ridiculous and completely unnecessary hacking (breaking, destroying, buying another unit). You will want one with a simple dumb on/off switch, that way you can just leave it turned on and set to the highest output, then simply plug it into a Mycodo compatible WiFi outlet to modulate it… no MQTT even needed.

Do yourself a huge favor, save yourself a lot of money, time, and headaches, and just buy an ultrasonic fogger, mister kit something like this and float it in a 5 gallon bucket…

Then just hook it up to a WiFi outlet like a Kasa outlet or power strip that is already compatible with Mycodo.

Don’t be a Rube Goldberg.
Why reinvent the wheel when you already have a Ferrari?

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