Ideas for new Actions

Now that custom Actions can be created in the yet-to-be released 8.13.0, I’d like to make at least one new Action for the release. Do you have any ideas for a new and useful Action to create?

Some ideas I have are:

  • Send Discord message
  • Send Slack message
  • Send Twitter message
  • Send text message
  • Create settings backup ZIP and email
  • Play audio file

Not sure how complicated it might get, but perhaps auto uploading contents of the timelapse folder to dropbox/gdrive after certain available space reached or time interval?

Eventually same concept with input database etc?

Not quite related to the proposals, but perhaps if you can control actions via dashboard button widget that might add quite some functionality to the already well-defined actions.

Rsync is a great tool for backing up, since there are a number of technical aspects to ensuring all files get transferred in a directory and avoid duplications. I’ve often just used the Bash Command Action to use rsync, but a dedicated Rsync Action might be useful. I’ve never attempted to use the Google Drive or Dropbox APIs, but to create something similar to rsync for those services would take a lot of effort that I’m not willing to commit to.

I’m struggling to see the usefulness of this. Can you give an example of how this could be used?

+1 for Text messages – although I feel like there might be a fee for SMS?

If so, +1 for Discord.

I’ll check Rsync if I’m able to somehow automate transfers. Thanks for the hint. Gdrive/dropbox were just an example.

Regarding the button/action control:
One can pause/resume timelapse from the dashboard instead of deleting photos later manually.

I’m using MQTT for a lot of stuff, such as switching reverse osmosis system ON via solenoid for a certain period of time to replenish water. Using cheap d1 mini are great for this, and easiest way I found to utilize them is via mqtt. That being said, if I could get a button with a predefined MQTT publish action with specific values, I could get particular amount of water via a click of a button, instead of remembering/using the specific number of seconds. In the very same way, one could use 8266 peristaltic pumps to dispense a certain amount of nutrients/adjust ph manually when needed for a fraction of the price of a single atlas pump. And basically use anything with relays while it’s not connected to the raspberry.
While it’s not that time consuming to switch certain things via their respective pages/menus, I’m thinking about getting a 7inch touch screen at some point, and all this would eventually allow me to control everything via the dashboard without browsing here and there for the specific settings.

There could be more useful aspects of having a button widget which could be defined according to the need, If I think of something else I’d update here.

What about using webhooks to trigger other external services through Zapier, or IFTTT.

I suppose it would be useful to create a Widget that can induce an Execute Actions Function to run. This would be a way to allow executing Actions via a Widget.

I’m not familiar with those, I’ll have to look them up.

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