IKEA Air Quality Sensor - Compatibility Question

His github page- GitHub - 3ative/IKEA-Air-Quality-Sensor

^-- Think this uses I2C

Just watched these youtube videos on this IKEA air quality sensor. He puts a bit of work into it but I was wondering if this might be compatible with Mycodo? The CO2 sensor is of particular interest to me.

Real-time data on air quality, temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and VOCs sensor
Flash the sensor with ESPHome firmware for compatibility with Home Assistant

These are the only links I can find to purchase so far and i’m not sure if both work one is $50 other is $16 - VINDSTYRKA Air quality sensor, smart - IKEA
VINDRIKTNING Air quality sensor - IKEA

Yeah so wondering if these might work in Mycodo or not. I’m willing to get the cheaper one to play with either way I suppose.

Well I got one of these thinking it be helpful but I don’t think its worth it. As far as I can tell it just tells you if a particulate of a certain size is detected or not.