Input Si1145 / cannot install input modul

Hello Kyle,
when installing the dependencies for a SI1145 i see this:

2022-10-01 11:04:19] Dependency installation beginning. Installing: sii1145

[2022-10-01 11:04:19]
[2022-10-01 11:04:19] #### Installing/updating SI1145==1.0.2 (pip-pypi)
[2022-10-01 11:04:22] Looking in indexes: Simple index, piwheels - Simple index
[2022-10-01 11:04:22] Requirement already satisfied: SI1145==1.0.2 in ./env/lib/python3.9/site-packages (1.0.2)
[2022-10-01 11:04:22] Requirement already satisfied: Adafruit-GPIO>=0.2.0 in ./env/lib/python3.9/site-packages (from SI1145==1.0.2) (1.0.3)
[2022-10-01 11:04:22] Requirement already satisfied: spidev in ./env/lib/python3.9/site-packages (from Adafruit-GPIO>=0.2.0->SI1145==1.0.2) (3.5)
[2022-10-01 11:04:22] Requirement already satisfied: adafruit-pureio in ./env/lib/python3.9/site-packages (from Adafruit-GPIO>=0.2.0->SI1145==1.0.2) (1.1.9)

[2022-10-01 11:04:27] End install of sii1145

[2022-10-01 11:04:27]
[2022-10-01 11:04:27] #### Setting permissions

[2022-10-01 11:04:28] #### Dependencies installed. Restarting frontend and backend…

[2022-10-01 11:04:42] #### Dependency install complete.

Then i hit the button "add the module for SI1145 and i see this:

Install Dependencies for SI1145

There were unmet dependencies encountered when adding the following device: SI1145 (SI1145)

Dependencies not installed: SI1145==1.0.2

To install these dependencies, click the Install button below and wait for the install to complete before attempting to add the device again. Note that the frontend and the backend will be restarted following the install to allow detection of the newly-installed modules.

What shall i do ?

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There’s a typo in the module name to check if it’s installed:

I’ll make a fix later and let you know how to get the latest code to test.

A fix has been committed. You can test the new code by upgrading to master.

Now i have installed with success.