Integrating pi pico

Hello! im beginning to build myself a replica of your project. but given as my space is much wider i found it would be more convenient to run my exhaust fans on something simple and far away. I was wondering if I could program the pico to enable the fans through a relay from afar? is that at all possible?

edit: Sorry let me rephrase. it is at all possible to run a pi pico also through mycodo attached to the same set up as my rpi 4

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I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. Can you describe what you’re trying to acomplish by adding an additional microcontroller that can’t be done with just a Pi?

I plan on using two 12 volt old computer fans to act as exhaust fans blowing outwards from two vents above the doors of my shed.

given the space of my grow shed, which is about 6 feet wide and 4 feet deep, and 7 feet tall (I have also raised it about two feet more with and anchored it to cinderblocks.) I do not think I have enough wire to devise a way I can fit my ph probe into my reservoir, and run wire all the way to, basically the ceiling, for the exhaust.
I was wondering if i could fit that little 4$ controller up there instead and somehow have the timing of it enabled as an output and function within your program?

thank you for such a rapid response!

I still don’t understand the purpose of adding a microcontroller (MC). If you don’t have enough wire to connect the Pi to a device, you would also not have enough wire to connect a device to the MC and the MC to the Pi.

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Ah my mistake, I figured a really long micro usb cable is easier to come across, i could strap it to the wall and plug it into my pico installed inbetween the vents and will hopefully carry a stronger connection than putting jumper cables together to reach up there.
i figure i can also get a 12v connection for the fans up there with an extension cable.
…but say without a pico, and with my pi low to the ground, I’m not sure how to accomplish a connection from the gpio pins (of the rpi 4) to a relay to the fans with so much distance between the two spots?
do i buy longer jumper wires? plug em together? bounce around on breadboards?

and the distance has to be slightly long in order for my probe to be low enough in the water of my reservoir

if you do not recommend this, but would by chance have a good idea of how I can still accomplish this without the pico ?

Thank you for your patience!
I’m very new to working with circuitry, and i seriously thank you for taking time out of your day to answer these questions!

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A 4x6x7 ft space is pretty small, so the wire lengths you would be working with should be fine for carrying signals or power (DC or AC). You could incorporate a microcontroller to interface with devices and relay information to/from a Pi, but that just seems needlessly complex to me. I tend to start simple and only when needed, increase complexity to overcome a problem that arises. At the very least, you would need to program the microcontroller to interface with the Pi, which in and of itself is a significant task that can cause a number of additional issues along the way.

Okay! Thank you very much,
I tend to be a fool that does poorly to adhere to Occam’s razor.
One final question,
How do I create the long jumper wires?

do i just grab mix-gendered wires and start plugging em in to one another?
Breadboards every few inches up the wall?
purchase longer ones?
or strip my own?

I’d use insulated wire, cut to length, then use either Dupont connectors crimped on the ends (if connecting to pins or a breadboard), or some sort of connector that allows your device to be easily disconnected from if needed. It really depends on how the connections are exposed on the device you’re connecting to. There are a number of ways to do it.

4 conductor insulated 24 gauge wire:
Dupont crimper kit:

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so my plan is, I’ve got some jacketed wire lying around with two conductors inside it, im going to crimp then run it up my wall twice from the pi’s gpio to the (1) vcc, ground, (2) In1 & In2 of the relay, with the fans needed power coming from elsewhere.

Thank you for helping me understand this dude, much love.

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