Is duration 0 in Output: On/Off/Duration means forever?

In the interface, it is written:

[Action] Output: On/Off/Duration : Turn an On/Off Output On, Off, or On for a duration.

Usage : Executing self.run_action("{f6adcfe2}") will actuate an output. Executing self.run_action("{f6adcfe2}", value={“output_id”: “959019d1-c1fa-41fe-a554-7be3366a9c5b”, “channel”: 0, “state”: “on”, “duration”: 300}) will set the state of the output with the specified ID and channel. If state is on and a duration is set, the output will turn off after the duration.

Just for confirmation, if I set Duration = 0, then the output is set for ever?

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Correct. No set duration merely turns the output on.

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