Is it possible to activate a funtion series in Mycodo via MQTT command?

A fairly straight forward question, is it possible the activate a function series in Mycodo via MQTT command?

I have a 20 part function series for mixing a 50 gallon tank of nutrients. I would like to be able to activate the function remotely via MQTT from an android based IoT dashboard.


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It can certainly be done with a Conditional Function, but you would have to develop the MQTT subscribe code to use in the Function. The easiest thing would be to lift it from one of the MQTT Inputs. Once you have the subscription in place, you just have to watch for the specific payload, then run the Function Actions of your choice, such as the Activate Controller Action. The best solution would be to just make a custom Function and import it.

Thank you very much my good sir :beers:

I appreciate the suggested course of action.

You’ve created something really great here and made the world a better place for it. We are all grateful.

I’m using it build out a warehouse scale automated agricultural system.

As my needs arise, such as this, I hope to be able to contribute to your creation.

I also really enjoyed your Mycodo creation time lapse video. Great visualization of all the work you put in.

Id be happy to contribute to your beer fund as a small thank you :wink:

Thanks again for everything.