Is there a way to track/graph the automation of additions besides the logs?

Hello. I want to track my systems automation in one spot like I can with the graphs of pH and Ec. I know that within the logs I can see when the conditional doses my tank with solution, but I wonder if there is a way to graph or see history in one spot.

Or if there isn’t a feature like this how are you guys tracking the dosing in your tanks? Any suggestions would help.

I apologize if I just missed it, but I thought I would ask about it here.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey there, if I understood you correctly, you could just add an action “Create:Note” in your conditional, with its respective tags (you would need to set the specifics via More>Note first. Then, in the graph widget, you could just add the specific tag, just as you would add any input and it would show you when exactly the output was triggered.

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Outputs can be added to Graph Widgets as well, which will show the duration on, pwm duty cycle, etc. You’ll have to be more specific if this isn’t what you’re referring to.