Issue Holding pH and EC calibrations

Hello all,

I have mycodo up and running well. My issue comes with the pH and EC sensors. Both are atlas scientific sensors connected to isolated boards (also from atlas). I have two of each pH and EC as I have two tanks that I am measuring (only one tank has automatic control of levels).

I have tried replacing all of the sensors, making connection wires shorter, and doing very good calibrations giving me a calibration curve within +/- 5%.

I am wondering if anyone else has had issues like this and has solved them.

I can provide more information if you all need it, but better to ask now than try to continue to troubleshoot it myself.

I’ve read your post multiple times and I don’t see you explaining an actual issue.

I think the issue is that the software/probes are not holding an accurate reading for very long.

I’m experiencing this myself as well. It seems after 6 months or so of usage the probes will not maintain accurate reading for as long as they did when the setup was new.

Nowadays I have to re calibrate every few days, initially I didn’t have to do that but every few weeks.