Known "good" USB Camera for use with Mycodo?

Hi Folks,

I am slowly putting together my parts for Mycodo hydroponics. I can’t see myself using the ribbon cable 8MP camera I already own and would like a little more reach than the ribbon cable can give anyway.

Anyone have a good recommendation for a USB camera for stills/time lapse?

I use these adapter boards that allow you to use a standard HDMI cable with the Raspberry Pi camera module. Pretty much eliminates any signal interference and lets you place the camera much farther away than with a limited ribbon cable. The adapter boards also have breakouts that allow you to use the un-used lines in an HDMI cable for adding accessories like your own LED flash, servo, etc.

One board goes at the Raspberry Pi end…

And the other board goes at the camera end…

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Thanks for the link it is very intriguing. I might go this way, but I am leaning towards a USB camera of some sort simply for ease of deployment.

Any decent USB cam should work, but be aware that each different webcam is going to have different controls available in the camera setup… some might not have as much control as the Pi Camera Module for things like white balance, red gain, blue gain, shutter speed, etc.

I’d stick with Logitech for general quality and reliability. The C920 should work like a charm. I’m using the Pi Cam with a meter long CSI cable but the HDMI adapter does look intriguing!

I’ve purchased a pan and tilt hat so I can look around the entire garden. I’ve not even started on the software though. Maybe someone else has done it? It should be able to use any Pi Cam