KY040 Rotary encoder and OLED SSD1306


I am working on a little daemon on the raspberry that allows to drive a SSD1306 oled display and uses the input of a rotary encoder.

The idea is to display state, current temperature, setpoint and maybe output state of a PID controller in mycodo and to let the setpoint be regulated by the encoder (and the state to be changed by clicking/double clicking the encoder switch.

I want to communicate with mycodo via mqtt messages. And first version is already working albeit it lacks some useability and robustness yet …


Does anybody of you know of similar solutions where I can look for further tips? Or does anyone like to join the development ?

‚Grüsse’ from Germany

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Interesting project! Mycodo has an API that you can use to obtain measurements, PID information, as well as change settings, such as PID setpoint, and more. Check out the API link above for all the endpoints, and here for more information about how to authenticate and communicate with the API using bash or Python.