LCD Function: Measurement Decimal & Text Field Question

After getting a Pi Zero 2 and being able to play around with Mycodo without wanting to shoot myself, I have a few LCD Function related questions. They may very well be based on my knowledge of the software, but they might also be bugs.

Value Display
Could this be a bug or am I missing a configuration option? It appears that the at least one Measurement Decimal is required to get data to display on the LCD, so I wonder if it’s a rounding issue.
Here’s how it looks with the Measurement Decimal set to zero:

Here, it’s set to 1:

They work as expected on the Dashboard.

Text Fields
Should the Text field data display as a label for the value or is it only used if the line is set to Text? I had to rename my MH-Z19B input to “CO2” and you can see how my Atlas EZO-HUM is named. If it’s intended to be used as a label for the value, please let me know how best to troubleshoot and if I should file an issue .

Blank Line
Should the Blank Line channel display a blank line (and not erase any existing data on the display) or should it require you to enter a space to actually overwrite that line? I had to enter a space to get it to overwrite.


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Thanks for the feedback.

This is a bug and I just pushed a fix:

This is only shown when Text is selected, though I can see value in adding a Label option to be able to change the label without having to change the device name, so I just added it (and fixed the missing Display Unit option for some LCDs):

I also just fixed a bug in the Blank Line option:

You’ll need to upgrade to master to test the latest code, before the release. If you test, please let me know if the fixes worked.

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Thanks, Kyle! Will upgrade when I get home and report back.

Got to it rather late, updated, had to hardware reboot, saw this:

Woke up this morning and noticed the “Display Unit” checkbox, then got this:

Blank line works as expected now, too.

Great job, Kyle! I’ve been messing around with this same model of display on a Particle Photon, so I’m learning what a PITA they are. It took a bit to find the ° and I had to find a way to construct my own / character for a spinning status monitor since it showed some currency symbol when I sent “/”. (Yet, it shows up just fine here in the first photos. Curious, but I only dabble in this stuff so it may be obvious to experienced folks.)

I don’t know how it’s referenced internally, but if the fan is not running at the exact time of the update, the display still shows “NONE” on that line. Is there a way to have it display the label and “0%”?