Live DWC automation

Probably not the right place to post this, but huge thx to Kyle for this amazing software.

I´ve seen a few questions asked about using Mycodo for DWC automation.
I just started 2 plants on my controller, so if anyone is curious, they can log in to my controller in view mode and see the settings. I have 12 outputs and 8 inputs for the system.
At the moment I´m running a pH-1 BlueLab and a pH-2 Danoplus sensor, to compare their precision.
It seems the extra money spent on BlueLab sensor makes no sense, at least when only taking precision into consideration.
I´ve noticed that some on the forum has asked questions about how to prevent interference between pH and ppm sensors.
I´ve overcome these issues by creating different inputs for pH and ppm even though they run on the same adc, so they almost never measure at the same time.
I´ve averaged pH results over an hour, which gives me more than enough precision to run the peristaltic pumps for dosing.

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this is super exciting for me. I want to monitor my next DWC as well. For now, I would be happy with water temps, environmental temps, humidity, EC and pH. Maybe I also will add a camera. How did you connect the pH and EC meter to the raspberry to read its data?

Hi Florian

I do that with an ADS1115.
It has higher precision than the pH sensors, so it´s more than adequate.
I started the automatic pH and EC this evening, so I´m super excited to see how well it´ll hold the values.
This is the first time it´s all come together for me with a fully automatic system.
I only fill a 200 liter barrel with RO water, fill some 1,5 liter bottles with ph down and fertilizer and Mycodo should take care of the rest:)

The seeds have not sprouted yet, but top feed will make sure that they sprout and are taken good care of until their roots reach the water.


thanks for the answer. How is it going?