Logic Functions And, Or, Not foe Outputs

Hello All,
I tried to find any information on this but could not find any.
Is there an easy possibility to set a logic for the Output Functions. Eg. Ventilaton off when Humidifier is on etc. Or do i have to write some Code?
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Yes, you can do this a couple of different ways.

Say you have one function that turns on your humidifier when the humidity is too low.

You can setup a Trigger: Output On/Off Function that will turn on or off another output whenever the humidifier turns on or off.

Also, inside the setup of each function, there are often Actions you can add so that the function can activate multiple other Outputs and Functions.

I use one Trigger: Output On/Off function to speed up my fans when my humidifier is on to mix the air faster…

and then another Trigger: Output On/Off function to slow the fans down again after the humidifier is off…

Here is the documentation for Trigger Functions…

Here is the documentation for Actions…

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Thank you for pointing me this out.
I will have a look then.