Low water level affected EC measurements

After setting up Atlas PH and EC meters and going through a calibration everything was reading as expected until I upgraded from 8.12.4 to 8.12.6. My EC values since then have been adjusted way down to 50-80 ppm for TDS. I hate to keep reusing calibration solution after each upgrade…

Do I need to deactivate the sensors before an upgrade? Does this smell buggy?

Note: this is the first time that I have done an upgrade with the sensors up and running.

Upgrades cannot affect Atlas EC or pH calibration. The calibration is stored within the EZO chip, and thus, unless another calibration command is given to the EZO circuit, it is not affected.

In 8.12.0, temperature compensation was fixed, but this wouldn’t affect any system upgrading from 8.12.4 → 8.12.6.

That makes sense. I really do appreciate the immediate response.

I am having a blast and my garden is coming along swimmingly :slight_smile:

Great stuff!

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I am going to recalibrate and watch it. I did make a change from CH0 (default EC) to CH1 (TDS) before the upgrade. I do not think that I hit a recalibrate after the initial setup but I very well could have.

I will see, if it is repeatable

Mycodo is working just fine :slight_smile:

My water level in the reservoir dropped below the EC sensor but not the PH sensor because it is longer. The EC sensor was in the air…

I made a water level change to the grow space by adding a noise dampener to the drain and that raised the water level in the grow tub and lessened the water in the reservoir. I made two changes at once and falsely assumed that it was the upgrade.