Mcp23017 - error when using it with peristaltic pumps

I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to setup an autodosing controller for several months…
right now I am trying to configure the mcp23017 Io expander using the peristaltic pump output option but, it only works if I use the on/off: mcp23017 16 channel IO expander option. I get this error code

2023-01-12 18:36:34,705 - ERROR - mycodo.controllers.controller_output - Error getting state for channel 0 of output with ID c4fdcb76-5c54-4598-9008-64f4453107cb:
2023-01-12 18:36:34,706 - ERROR - mycodo.outputs.pump_mcp23017_c4fdcb76 - OutputModule did not overwrite the is_setup() method. All subclasses of the AbstractOutput class are required to overwrite this method

Any clue what this could be?

I am also trying to setup Mycodo on a libre-computer (AML-s905x-CC) but ill post that as a new topic later.

This was fixed in:

You can upgrade to master to test the latest yet-to-be released code. I’m a bit behind on the next release, there just has been a lot on my plate lately and I haven’t been conducting releases as efficiently as I should, with my current method preventing small bug fixes as soon as I start working on a new major feature. I’ll be redesigning my release workflow after the next release that will allow bugfixes to be released on a much more periodic basis.

Version 8.15.0 was just released, so you can upgrade through the normal stable upgrade method.

I upgraded to 8.15.0 and I still cannot configure mcp23017 with peristaltic pump option. It works fine using the regular on/off option though, even works in the ph/EC regulation function. I just can’t set to dispense in mL. I might try a fresh install this weekend.

This is the error you presented as the issue, and this is what was fixed. If there’s another issue, that’s another matter, but the issue you presented should now be fixed. Other issues will need more information to diagnose.

I found an issue with channel states and pushed a fix available on master.