MH-Z19B Wiring Sanity Check

Just to clarify,

The current implementation of the MH-Z19B…

  • is powered by the 5VDC bus provided by the Pi, so it doesn’t use the UART to USB converter

  • connects directly to the Pi’s serial port

  • Pin 8 Tx to the Rx of the sensor

  • 10 Rx to the Tx of the sensor

Assuming that is true, could I solder some headers to the sensor and connect via Dupont wires or is it better to just use the included wire harness?


That’s all correct. I’m not sure what you mean by an included wiring harness, but you can connect it to the Pi with any method you like, be it a connector or just wire.

Thank you, Kyle.

There’s a small seven wire JST-PH-ish wiring harness that came with the sensor I bought from Amazon. I just wanted to be sure that soldering was OK and that there wasn’t some reason why the wiring harness was the preferred way to do it.

Okay, I think I know what you’re referring to. You can cut that connector off any put your own connector on.