MH-Z19C supported?


I tried to order an MH-Z19B in Germany. But you can’t find them with pins anymore. Not even on Aliexpress, where my order for an MH-Z19B, which I luckily found, has now been cancelled. I ordered one a year ago. But it wasn’t an original from Winsen and didn’t work properly. Now it doesn’t work at all.
I hadn’t worked on my project for a long time and revived it a few weeks ago after a year’s break. The only originals that I can now buy directly in Germany are MH-Z19C. Do they also work in Mycodo?

As far as I can tell, the only difference is the measuring range, which only goes up to 5000 ppm, and the preheating time, which is one minute instead of three.

Thanks in advance.

No idea, but someone has to first buy one and have the initiative to test and get an input module working.

I’ve already ordered it. I’ll try it out in a few days.

I tried MH-Z19C to see if they would work using MH-Z19B module integration in Mykodo and it didn’t work. So I returned it, ordered the MH-Z19B without pins and soldered the wires to it myself…

I had the MH-Z19B without pins last year and soldered pins onto it. As I wrote, it never really worked, and the availability of the original MH-Z19C is much better here. I’ll give it a try and send it back if I can’t get it to work.
If I at least knew where to get an MH-Z19B from Winsen, I would get another one with a cable and solder pins onto it again. I’ll report back in the next few days and in the meantime search the shops in Germany and Aliexpress.

This is the one that I’ve bought. It’s shipped from Germany

Thx for the link. I will order from eBay if I can’t get the MH-Z19C to work :wink:

The sensors have all arrived now. But I can’t get any of them to work at the moment. Apparently one of my cables isn’t making contact and I can barely get to it to measure it with a multimeter. I’ll take care of it as soon as my tent isn’t in use. So in 10 weeks at the earliest

It haunted me and I had to look into why the sensor wasn’t working. It seems that my wiring was wrong. Instead of 5V, it was connected to 3.3V. I’ve now fixed it and it seems that the MH-Z19B copy of the original Winsen MH-Z19B and the MH-Z19-C work perfectly. It seems that I have some spare parts at home now.