MQTT Walkthrough Request (video or steps)

Is there a chance anyone is willing to create either a video or step by step tutorial that demonstrates what to do after you purchase an esp32 or 8266, what to flash, and how to make it communicate with the pi? I honestly have no idea where to begin but I know it would be an extremely powerful tool to send data and receive controlling inputs upon conditions or manually. Thanks in advance!

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Can you provide some more details about what you want to do, specifically? Here are some resources I found that do what you’re describing…

Read BME280 temperature/humidity/pressure with ESP32, publish measurements to MQTT broker running on Raspberry Pi (mosquito server), and subscribe with Node-RED (in your case you would subscribe with the MQTT Subscribe Input of Mycodo):

Here’s a similar tutorial to the one above but using the DS18B20 temperature sensor:

Here’s a tutorial that publishes to the HiveMQ public MQTT broker for testing publishing: