Mushroom Cultivation Controller

I am new to electronics. I am wanting to build the mushroom cultivation controller.

I have all the required hardware, but limited knowledge and experience to connect all the electronics safely together.

I understand that working with 240V mains power is dangerous.

Usually, I would visit a local electronics club to help me along. However, my city is currently under strict COVID lockdown. The lockdown is likely to continue for another 4-5 weeks (Melbourne, Australia).

Can anybody recommend a reliable website that offers advice or 1 on 1 help sessions for beginners so I can complete the mushroom cultivation controller?

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I released a new mushroom cultivation article and video just yesterday, with the method for controlling mains electricity being a consumer device, so no wiring of mains needed. This should be a bit more user-friendly. Check it out and let me know if you still have any further questions.


As I have already purchased the equipment for the older mushroom environment project, I am now committed to that project.

Are you able to release a standard play speed of the mushroom cultivation video so I, and others, can follow along to understand some of the finer points of your design.

Perhaps release the standard play videos on Patreon and charge a small fee for people like me to follow along with the more challenging aspects of each project.

There was no video for that time-lapse, as images were acquired every 10 seconds, so it’s impossible to add frames to make it slower.

Check out the Power Control Box section of my hydroponic system article for how mains can be wired to relays.