Mycodo downgrade without backup

I want to check something I did in Mycodo 2 years ago and I need an old version of Mycodo., For example 7.10.0 or even older. Unfortunately, my backups don’t go back that far.
What I tried::
I downloaded an old release from github and moved it to /var/Mycodo-backups. Then I renamed it to Mycodo-backup-2019-04-01_11-38-07-7.10.0. After that I wanted to restore it from WebUI. No success.
A fresh install with no settings is best. I think I need to change the But how? Would be nice if someone would help me.

That’s not how backups work. You can install v7.10.0 by ensuring no other Mycodo install have been performed previously, then run:

git clone
cd Mycodo
git checkout tags/v7.10.0
sudo install/

Thanks, it worked!
Unfortunately only works from v8.0.0. With v7.10.0 there are errors during the installation. But that’s enough for me.

Did you install the OS listed in the readme?