MyCodo - new 8.15.0 release with InfluxDB fixes?


Super excited to see all the ongoing work into MyCodo! =)

I was just wondering - does anybody know when the next MyCodo 8.15.0 release will be out please?

I saw there’s been a large amount of InfluxDB fixes.

Also - I saw some reference in the changelog to remote MyCodo Outputs - is that some kind of ability to control multiple MyCodo instances from each other?


There’s no release schedule, but it’s getting close. There are a lot of changes, so testing everything takes a while. As for influxdb, there are currently query delays that significantly hinder performance that need to be investigated. You’re welcome to upgrade to the master branch if you want to test and try to figure out what might be causing the influxdb issue.

From Discord:

influxdb-python (GitHub - influxdata/influxdb-python: Python client for InfluxDB) is now deprecated, so it had to be removed. It also only worked with influxdb 1.x. influxdb-client is actively maintained and works with both influxdb 1.x and 2.x. This also allowed me to refactor all the code that was needed to handle 1.x and 2.x queries and resulting data differently, to all use the same library, queries, and return results in the same format. There’s nothing about dashboards that cause delays, widgets are what are querying the data. The queries are likely not optimized. You can search “slow query influxdb-client” and similar to see how others have investigated this issue. I haven’t looked into this, as there are other breaking issues I’ve been working on.