Mycodo performance on Raspberry Pi Zero

Hey there,

I am aware that Mycodo can run over Pi Zero to 4. But I wonder the performance of Mycodo in Pi Zero. Is there anyone used Mycodo in Pi Zero?

Thanks in advance.

It’s very slow to use the UI, but it will work. I’d recommend the Pi Zero 2 over the first gen. Also, setting everything up on a Pi 3 or 4, then exporting the settings to import on the Zero can save a lot of time.


@anu I had the exact same question. Kyle’s answer is completely correct.

The hardware shakes out entirely as you would expect.

  • Pi Zero - Painfully Slow
  • Pi Zero 2 W - Much better. Usable, but still pretty slow
  • Pi 4 Wireless - Fantastic
  • Pi 4 Ethernet - Best in Breed

If you have your choice, go with a Pi 3 or better with a full sized breakout board. That one has LEDs to make diagnosing problems even easier.

The size of the compact breakout can be problematic with ferruled wires. (Yes, you can still use the bigger breakout board with a Pi Zero. It’s just wonky because of the size difference.)


After using zero for a couple of weeks indeed it proved unusable, quite frustrating, slow, and unresponsive. However, after switching to zero 2 I barely notice any difference compared with 4B for example. Got the lite OS 32b, running mosquito broker too, and still is more than workable. Best price/performance ratio so far.