Mycodo v8.14.0 Release

8.14.0 (2022-08-13)


  • Fix inability to resume timelapses (#1163)
  • Fix “Could not determine measurement from returned value” error for Atlas Scientific inputs
  • Only increment the timelapse count when an image is captured
  • Fix generating timelapse with custom file path (#1205)
  • Fix timelapse filenames when using libcamera
  • Fix printing lines on 2-line 128x32 SSD1306 Functions
  • Fix PWM Slider Widget issues when Output signal is inverted and setting duty cycle
  • Fix MCP3008 Input python library version number


  • Add ability to use Influxdb 2.x or Influxdb 1.x
  • Add ability to set influxdb host and credentials in configuration
  • Add Input: Raspberry Pi Power Monitor
  • Add Input: MH-Z14 CO2
  • Add Output: Non-SPI Neopixel
  • Add ability to set Chirp Input I2C address (#1197)
  • Add UI feedback for Atlas Scientific calibration commands (#1198)
  • Add ability to use non-standard condition/action ID strings in Conditional Functions
  • Add Websocket support to MQTT Outputs (#1219)
  • Add Import and Initialize options to Conditional Functions (#1203)
  • Add Input: MCP3208 Analog-to-Digital Converter (#1215)


  • Add username/password requirements to Admin Creation page
  • Move Conditional Condition text (#1204)

8.14.1 (2022-08-14)


  • Fix Conditional Function ‘timeout’ undefined error (#1220)

8.14.2 (2022-08-20)


  • Fix Kasa Plug Output (#1221)
  • Fix Conditional Function not saving Import and Initialize Python Code