Mycodo version 8.6.0.,Desktop version


I have installed Pi OS Lite (2020-05-27), on a laptop.
I have followed your instructions, replacing and pi address, all firewalls are turned off but still not showing up in Google chrome, I have also uninstalled and reinstalled several times still no luck.
So before I go and buy Raspberry Pi.

if someone could answer me a couple of questions would be very grateful indeed.

  1. raspberry pi 4 8gb is that a good choice
  2. I have gotten an AC Infinity 6fan I would like to use.
  3. temperature and you humidity reaches its target will do fan turn off completely, example when fan reaches temperature fan goes to minimum set speed,temperature goes up fan speed goes up, I do not want the fan to completely turn off.
  4. Is there a day and night setting for temperature and humidity.
  5. If mains power goes out, and comes back on will it reboot and keep all settings.
  6. Example. At the start of a grow I would like to press a button 1 veg 8 weeks 1 days and button 2 flower 10 weeks 1 days. When I finish a grow looks something like this.

veg 8 weeks 1 day
flower 10 weeks 1 day
18 weeks 2 days.
If that makes any sense to you
7. Is there a way of calibrating temperature and humidity.


Why are you using Mycodo and operating system releases that are over a year old?