New Carrier Boards for Mycodo Systems, introducing the HiveBoard

Hello Everyone,

Introducing the HiveBoard Carrier Board ecosystem. Designed specifically to make Mycodo setups easier to create and setup, but still giving the creator the full control of their system. I have put in a promo code for pre orders for 10% off. the code is “PREORDER”. Shipping date is Jan 5 2023.

The main item is the Hiveboard.

I have also made Drone daughter boards that give some additional functionality that can be used but are not needed for the system

There is also a basic version of the DroneBoard that just has limited functionality for a cheaper price. It just has the outputs.
DroneBoard Basic

This board replaces the need for roughly $200-$250 worth of components, and you do not have to worry about wiring everything together, just plug into the board

if you have any questions please let me know


I would be interested in one of these boards, any chance that you could add Thailand as a country to ship to?

Sure no problem, i just enabled shipping to Thailand

Is there any chance that you can design a board for custom inputs? Such as if one is using Gravity pH, conductivity sensors with conversion board and isolation board all connected to ADS1115, Grove I2c driver boards for pumps, RTC, MH-Z19, HTU-21D, Magnetic float sensor, DS18B20 for temperature compensation, YF-S403 flow meter, clamp type current sensor (Gravity), 4 relays (2SSR + 2Regular)?

I would be open to custom dev work but there would be an added cost for that. The more complex the more expensive. Sounds like with yours is pretty complex. You basically want a full system and not a carrier board which is quite a bit more complex. TBH if it’s just for you and not commercial it probably would not be worth it. Would be at least 30 hours of development. But I would l need a full brief to give a proper estimate

I can add an ads1115 to a board and they all have i2c. It’s more of a carrier board meant for sensors to plug into, so whatever the sensors use kind of thing. I would need a brief with links to all components you would want part of it.

Would also have to be a min quantity of ten boards for my fabricator.

Feel free to message me directly at if you have further questions

Now it seems like shipping is only available for Canada and United states?

it is fixed now, the page just needed to be saved, apologies.

Just a shipping update. The boards are done and being shipped to me now. Should be able to ship out orders by end of year

I have a question regarding isolated carrier boards. Are there any pull up resistors on SDA SCL lines of these boards or not? Waiting eagerly for your reply

My boards do not have pull up resistors on it. I leave it to the user to decide for that one. The main i2c lines are 5v on the system. any QWIIC connectors are 3.3v to keep compatibility

***edit for phrasing, the power for i2c internally runs at 5v. the SDA and SCL lines are not pulled up to 5v

What does this mean? A Pi should never have SDA or SCL pulled to 5 volts.

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i did not phrase that the best. for the onboard devices (the isolated i2c carrier boards and the non isolated board) are provided with 5v power instead of 3v. i just meant the “main power” for the i2c devices on the board. All EZO devices except a specific revision of their flow meter can run from 3-5V

to keep compatibility i have any external i2c connections run at 3v since QWIIC asks for this

the power for the board comes externally rather then from the PI.

Just a shipping update. The boards will be shipping out Jan 5 2023. i will be getting them next friday, and just need to QA and do some final work to them to get ready to ship