No longer Able To Access Mycodo URL

So, I set up my Mycodo system approx 5 weeks ago. I opted for the full install with the web interface.

It appears to be operating normally, however I am unable to access the Mycodo site URL.

I have it bookmarked on my browser, but when I click on the bookmark, the page browser displays:

This site can’t be reached

https://192.168.1.XXX/live is unreachable.


I swapped out the last 3 digits of the above URL with XXX.

Also, network connection is confirmed to be working.

I had encountered this same issue before, and thinking I had done something wrong and It was a one-off issue, I re-installed the OS and Mycodo along with setting up all the code for the lights, water, humidification, fans, etc. This took quite a lot of time.

Is there a way to find the source of the issue and correct it?

Are you sure that the IP address hasn’t changed for some reason? Can you still ping or SSH into the Pi with that IP address?
Did you run
Sudo apt update
Sudo apt upgrade
before installing Mycodo? (The Mycodo install script should do this anyway, but not a bad idea to do it manually before installing anything.)
It sounds like the install did not complete properly, maybe the web server isn’t running?
Did your install log show any errors?

Running update and upgrade was the 1st thing I did. This did not solve the issue.

The ping returns the message - host unreachable.

Mycodo was operational with zero errors in the log files.

This is a an issue that has occurred after Mycodo has been installed and operational for several weeks.

Mycodo is switching on and off the heater, lights and humidifier.

However I still cannot reach the URL?

Does anyone have any realistic suggestions to rectify this issue?

A ping is the only real relevant thing here. If you cannot ping the device, then the IP address has likely changed. You should always ensure to set up a static IP address in your router or the Pi’s config otherwise you should expect it to change at some point.