Odd disconnection

Hey kyle… I love this project man, been using it a lot.
I’m having the issue of my website going down after leaving the pi on for extended periods of time.
at first i thought it was an issue with wifi, when i pinged it i would return 50-25% packet loss, so i routed it to ethernet, and while it now loads between pages faster, ill still be unable to contact it if i leave the pi on for multiple days, even thought i am still able to ping it and see it is connected through my router.

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The first thing that comes to mind is data corruption. It’s not uncommon if using an SD card. I now always recommend to run off a USB SSD for improved reliability.

okay, monitoring the °F i didnt think i’d of caused any damage cuz my pi has ran at a nice 120 for most of the time,
where can i find the files of mycodo so i can transfer to another SD?

Im having other odd problems as well, for instance i have my pi port forwarded, and when i log into my ipaddress:443 typing nothing else in, it’ll give me a bad http request, saying that i cant run an https thru http.
but if i type https:// prior to the ip, nothing will load

It may not be data corruption, it’s just what first comes to mind. Data corruption is just a natural process when using an SD card. SD cards were not designed for the number of read/writes an operating system performs and will degrade eventually.

You can backup and restore settings from the import/export page.

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alright i believe ya, thank you very much sir have a good day

Did moving to an ssd work?