Ouputs always ON/Green

Hello All,
I have 8 Ouputs over GPIO pins to switch a relay board. It worked.
After i installed mosquitto it was also working but after a few days now without doing anything and without changing something, all my Outputs are always ON(Green) and i can not switch them off. Functions are deactivated. Raspi reset does not bring any changes.
Is the Problem coming from the Raspi or is it Software related?
Thanks for your help
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Hi Christian,
You can see in the GPIO On/Off Module code that it is receiving the GPIO pin status from the RPi.GPIO python module (the actual state of the pin):

So you will have to investigate why your board is responding that the pin is held in a position (high or low) that you’ve indicated is active.

Thx Kyle,
I will check that.
I just discovered that the control LED on the Relay Board is not full bright and it does not switch the Relay. So it looks like that the Outputs are in a “kind of” High Status.
And my Co2 and Hunidity Sensor on the I2C bus are not working either.

check the power supply !
had same issue …
the relay likes extra power…
if you have it all connected to the PI with 3A power it’s often not enough…
works some time than it stops…
i’ll used a seperate power adapter to power all those devices…
one for PI one for all connected devices…
since than no issues anymore…

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Especially if it’s a Pi 4, which draws more power than any other Pi.