Output widget not working with volume

If I create an output widget for a EZO peristaltic pump (volume), and pump a volume of 5 ml. Mycodo will instead activate the pumpe for 5 seconds.



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Hi. Thanks for the bug report. I set out to fix this issue tonight and opened a huge can of worms, or bugs, rather. It seems Mycodo has had many changes that left this lowly Output Widget in the dust and as a result, there were several aspects of how it was designed that no longer worked with the current system of output channels and measurements.

I completely refactored how it operates and am happy to say it was a success. If you would like to try the code before it’s released, upgrade to master and let me know if you experience any further issues with it. Because of the changes, following the upgrade you will need to reselect whichever output you previously saved.

Thanks a lot for the fix! We are running mycodo in a production environment, would you still recommend me to upgrade to master?

That’s a call only you can make. I never recommend anyone upgrade in a production environment without assuming the risk that it can not work and be prepared to restore or completely reinstall.

Okay, I think I will hold off then.
Also, I realized that the Volume Output in a conditional function is not working properly. Do you think this is connected to the problems with the Output widget?