Output widget On/Off restriction (not working as expected)

Hey there,

Is there a way to remove the restriction of the output widget and be able to activate it multiple times?
My idea is to dispense liquids via mqtt value, however, I’m not able to click On multiple times. I’ve tried to modify the widget file and create custom one, but having in mind I lack any programming experience whatsoever it takes me a lot of time to adjust upload and check if that’s what I needed lol.
I’ve tried setting publish value output, but I can’t seem to configure the On value. I might be doing this all wrong, any advice would be appreciated.

Just a suggestion, how time-consuming would be to implement some kind of widget editor? Perhaps the user creativity might be unleashed with a simple configure tool.

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps I should mention that force command does not lift the restriction.

Thanks for describing the issue. This appears to be a bug, which should be fixed in a commit I just made:

This is an untested fix, so if you would like to test the latest code, please upgrade to master and see if it works.

I don’t really know what you mean by “widget editor”. You would have to provide a description with more detail.

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Thank you, that’s much appreciated. I’ll upgrade to master.

With widget editor, I’m envisioning some kind of way to configure different buttons/predefined states or outputs. There might not be a widespread use for this, and what I’m trying to do might be partially possible via Function, but I’ll give an example.
I use a reverse osmosis system, connected to a valve which is controlled with relay via mqtt commands. Cheap flow meters are somewhat inaccurate and considering the fact that the pressure of the RO system is almost constant, I just switch it on for lets say 8000 seconds in order to get 10l of purified water. Of course, I could just switch it on for 16000 if I want 20l, but if a widget could provide the choice of 10/20/30l, it would be great to add buttons/options and rename them and incorporate some kind of characteristic/attribute. Eventually all those minor details and little workarounds would not have to be remembered at all times. In the near future I’m planning to add weight cells to the reservoir, and would be awesome to be able to add 10l of purified water if the weight is less than X, fix ph/ec instead of function. Might be a mainly aesthetic simplification, but perhaps it might unlock different use-cases? Who knows…

Thanks again.