Pathspec 'mycodo_docker' did not match any file(s)

I’m following this guide Mycodo and Docker · kizniche/Mycodo Wiki · GitHub

I get stuck here

bristolfish@Mycodo:~/mycodo-docker $ cd Mycodo/
bristolfish@Mycodo:~/mycodo-docker/Mycodo $ ls
alembic_db       LICENSE.txt        docs            mkdocs.yml
docker              docs_templates  mycodo
docker-compose.yml  install         README.rst
bristolfish@Mycodo:~/mycodo-docker/Mycodo $ git checkout mycodo_docker
error: pathspec 'mycodo_docker' did not match any file(s) known to git
bristolfish@Mycodo:~/mycodo-docker/Mycodo $

That guide is very old, made before there was a reaadme maintained within the repo for docker. I’ve now deleted that from the github wiki. You should refer to the within the docker directory of the Mycodo repo, at Mycodo/docker. I just went through and updated the docker docs and docker-compose.yaml to make fixes and verify it builds.